Just minutes from Sudbury here are a few of the amenities Destini's has to offer


A boat launch is available to our patrons at no charge and to the public at a small fee


An incredible Caribbean like beach is one of our proudest possessions


Our seniors committee organizes a number of different events keeping our all important seniors smiling

24 Hours Security

Along with 24 hour camera surveillance Destini's controlled entrance insures all of our patrons safety


In addition to great River and lake fishing Destini's VRC maintains a private pond for those young anglers


Canada day parade with fireworks, kids fishing derby in the pond and Halloween in August are just a few of Destini's VRC's yearly events

About Us

Destini's VRC (vermilion river campground) although founded in 1954 has been in our family's possession since 2012. Destini's is a wonderful piece of history located on the Vermilion River. Hosting a number of beautiful sand beaches, the river leads to vermilion Lake where great fishing and boating can bring excitement to any part of your day. We offer anywhere from daily rental sites to seasonal sites. Cabins and trailers are also available for weekly rental.

Our season begins on May 15 and runs until October 1

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Vermilion River

Only minutes away by boat the ride to the lake is a lot of fun
and offers multiple sand beaches on the way

Vermilion River

Only minutes away by boat the ride to the lake is a lot of fun
and offers multiple sand beaches on the way

Vermilion River

Only minutes away by boat the ride to the lake is a lot of fun
and offers multiple sand beaches on the way

Vermilion River

Only minutes away by boat the ride to the lake is a lot of fun
and offers multiple sand beaches on the way

Private Lake

View from Destini's VRC

Meeting Point

View from Destini's VRC

Trailers near beach

View from Destini's VRC

Vermilion River

View from Destini's VRC


Rules and Regulations

(Please review all rules with all persons on contract, including children)

1. Only one camping unit, 1 shed and two vehicles allowed onsite. A tent for sleeping may be placed on site at a charge of $18.00/night

2. Any persons not on your seasonal contract is a guest and will be charged accordingly ($5.00 per person) for daily entry,($5.00) per person for any overnight stays, it is your responsibility to make sure that ALL of your visitors register at the office or via gate intercom prior to entering the park.

3. Any persons permitting another person, who is not on the contract, to use their gate card will forfeit their camping privileges immediately and must remove themselves, their equipment and belongings from the site immediately. No refund will be issued.

4. A Child is any person under the age of 18. You are responsible for the actions and safety for your children and other children under your supervision. All children must obey the curfew of 10:00 pm (or dusk) and must be on their sites or accompanied by a parent. No child may be left in the campground without a responsible adult supervising them at any time. Additionally, no children may ride bicycles after dusk.

5. As per law no persons under the age of 16 shall drive a motorized vehicle (age appropriate) at VRC at any time.

6. You are responsible for the actions and safety of your visitors and guests. Destini’s VRC is in no way responsible for the actions and safety of your visitors and guests. It is your responsibility to make sure your visitors and guests learn, understand, and abide by all of the Rules and Regulations of Destini’s VRC.

7. Transferring your site contract or site will incur a $500.00 transfer fee. You may sell your trailer on site in the campground as long as all fees are paid with prior management authorization. Authorization forms are available in the office However, management reserves the right to not allow the site to be included with the sale, please check with us prior to sale. (no refund will be issued) No professional third parties may be used to sell your trailer.

8. With special provisions Destini’s VRC will grant the sale of a trailer older than 15 years of age at a 20% fee. This fee will go towards any cost incurred by Destini’s VRC in the recycling of old and unsafe buildings that do not conform to city by-law.

9. Prior to any building and placement of decks and sheds, management MUST be informed in writing (with drawn site plans). All structures on your site must be authorized by management in writing and meet the campground rules for decks ( no pallets as decks) screen, gazebos, and sheds. Attached cabanas are not permitted as per municipal regulations. ( Only add-a- rooms made specifically for RVs are allowed) Sheds must be finished with appropriate siding. Absolutely no poured concrete.

10. Motorhomes and campers 15 years or older are not acceptable for seasonal lots. Campers aged at Destini’s VRC cannot move within the campground without management’s authorization and cannot be sold with the site. ( must be removed when sold)

11. Quiet hours are to be observed from 11:00pm to 9:00am Sunday-Thursday and 1:00am- 9am Friday and Saturdays. All radios, stereos, and all other audio equipment must be turned on low, during this time.

12. Campfires must be attended at all times and under control, management reserves the right to have your fire extinguished at any time if we feel it is not in control. Campfire base must not exceed fire ring. Campfires must be extinguished when you retire for the night. During time of restriction, no open fired of any typed are permitted.

13. At your own risk, some trailers may be left onsite for the winter. Destini’s VRC is in no way responsible for any trailer possessions ect…, which remain onsite for the winter. You release Destini’s VRC from any and all liabilities for damages, theft, and casualty if you leave your trailer onsite for the winter.

14. When the campground is closed for the season there is no admittance to the park without authorization of management. And at no time should a fire be constructed on your site or otherwise for any reason!

15. All trash must be bagged and placed into the provided receptacles. Large items are not permitted in campground trash bins. (Lawn Chairs, cardboard, building material etc. If it can’t be bagged. It can’t be in our trash) Recycled items must be loose pieces. No bags permitted in recycling bin.

16. Pets must be registered at the office prior to entering the park. All pets must be attended, leashed and cleaned up after in all areas of the campground at all times. “He poops, you scoop”.

17. Dogs are not permitted at special events or on beach.

18. Littering is prohibited in every area of the campground. If anyone is found littering in the campground, 1 warning will be issued, after such fines will be levied.

19. The speed limit in the campground is 10k/h (Please inform your guests as well) Failure to drive the speed limit will result in three written warnings followed with vehicle privileges being revoked by management and parking will be allowed in visitor parking only.

20. The pond is catch and release only (frogs included)”Keep the population growing”. Swimming is at your own risk in the pond and beach.NO LIFE GAURDS ON DUTY! No one under the age of 14 allowed without ADULT (18+) supervision.

21. Only contracted guests may store currently registered trailers in the campground. Storing such items is done at your own risk. All items must be well maintained.

22. All campers assume responsibility for the site in which they occupy. All grass trimmings, weeds, fallen leaves must be taken care of and kept maintained, site beautification is encouraged. If sites are not taken care of a notice will be given , after such, management will take care of it and you will be billed accordingly. However, if you’d like to choose to make arrangments for such a service please inform the office at your earliest convenience. Our insurance policy does not allow tools (weed trimmers/chainsaws etc…) or equipment to be loaned from Destini’s VRC. * Chainsaw use in NOT permitted without prior written consent and on every occasion required.

23. Destini’s VRC reserves the right to take any action at equity and/or law that we deem appropriate to enforce the Rules and Regulations of Destini’s VRC, and/or to satisfy any claims we may have.

24. Car washing, oil changes and car repairs are not allowed on sites, on the street or elsewhere in the park at any time.

25. The clearing of trees and underbrush is strictly forbidden without prior consent from management. (Firewood is available for sale at the office) Non-compliance may result in your eviction from the park. If storage sheds, or decks need to be removed off of site, it must be done without the removal of any trees, underbrush, or damage to the site of any kind.

26. Absolutely No construction is permitted between July1st to Sept1st.

27.Firecrackers are strictly forbidden. Fireworks may be allowed for special occasions ONLY. You must have managements consent prior to the shooting of any fireworks and only in designated area.

28. Deposit of $300.00 is due October 1st each year. This deposit is applied to the Seasonal Rate and is non-refundable. If the deposit is not received, management reserves the right to lease this site to another prospective Resident.

29. *This Seasonal Agreement allows residency from May 15th to September 31st and storage from October 1st to May 15th. If the seasonal agreement is not being renewed, the site must be vacated at the end of September. The Seasonal Agreement is renewable every year and in all instances, the Seasonal Rate shall be payable on or before the date that the seasonal lease begins. If payment is not received before June 1st a $100.00 late fee will be applied. (Gate pass will be given, in person, on your first visit, and once payment is received in full) Payments are to be made by cash only.

30. Each site was originally provided with adequate space for one vehicle in addition to the RV. In most circumstances there is room for two vehicles at most. Additional vehicles should be parked in the designated parking areas. Anyone parking in such a manner as to block the driveway of a neighboring site or impede the flow of traffic shall be asked to move the vehicle immediately. At no time shall vehicles be parked in a site other than which the vehicle is registered to. (including unused sites)

31. A $200.00 hydro deposit will be required.

When in doubt about specific Rules please “ASK”



There will be no refunds for early departures or evictions.

*Those found not adhering to stated rules and regulations may be at a risk for your contract to be terminated.


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We are located in Chelmsford, Greater Sudbury, Ontario The land of lakes, and natural beauty.

We are located in Chelmsford, Greater Sudbury, Ontario The land of lakes, and natural beauty.